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Hello Sir/Madam,

If you have decided to get this page while browsing on the website, it is a good thing. The about page is like the foreward, the introduction of a book. This page helps you understand the purpose of this blog, the mindset behind any content that can be found on this website. I hihgly encourage you to take time to read all the next paragraphs of this page. Overall, the About page is the first post on a blog. Happy reading.

First of all, i would like to share with you this important information which is the following :
To give you the best online experience, we use cookies on our site. This website operate like a web application with lot of features based on visitor status and role. So, it is a role-based [profile-driven] website. Those cookies, are revelant for statistics and diagnostics purposes. Then by using our website or by progressing in your browsing, you agree to the usage of cookies in accordance with your browser’s current settings. You can reach me via the contact form for more details. Thanks for your understanding.

Second point, permit me to tell you that, all things, all opinions, all expressions and everything on this platform are my own understanding and points of views. Those opinions are personal and belong solely to me as this blog owner.This is a personal blog. Those things and view do not represent those of people, institutions or organizations that me (the owner) may or may not be associated with in professional or personal capacity. Before applying those opinions in whatever you want, be aware that i am not responsible of any consequence or damage those information can create.In other words, all content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. I (the owner) of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site. I (the owner) will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information. The owner will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information. Any downloadable file, including but not limited to pdfs, docs, jpegs, pngs, is provided at the user’s own risk. Again i (the owner) will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages resulting from a corrupted or damaged file. This blog disclaimer is subject to change at anytime. Thank you for your understanding.

Now that you agree to continue, let discuss the main idea behind this plaform. In a few words, we use a love-driven sharing approach. Why ? Well, permit me to ask us some questions : How do you feel when many persons around you don't understand some basics networking concepts ? How do you feel when some people around you are not informed about what is happening in the networking industry ? How do you feel when people share their failures to certifications or job interview due to some lacks of skills in simple concepts and technologies ? How do you feel when people share with you that they stop learning due to technical english skills ? How do you feel when hundreds of young-freshers network engineers ask you every week how to learn faster, how to study in order to be ready or embrace better real world Networking challenges ? When these students ask you what to learn in order to be ready for a strong start in the IT industry ? What can you do the respond to their demand of coming each weekend for a presentation, for a conference for an experience sharing ? How do you feel when you interact everyday with many professionals that are not aware about new trends in the industry and that they find you more skilled than them while you have 5 times less experimented than them ? How do you feel when colleagues ask you everyday how do you use search engines to find better answers about IT questions ? How do you feel when IT people ask you, how do you make to read a book of more than 500 pages in a short time, even if it is written in english ? How do you feel when people ask you how do you manage your time to read too much books ? How do you feel when they ask you what is your approach to broaden such that your skills or learn easily new IT things ? How do you feel, regarding the rate of unemployment and the number of graduated IT engineers, when a recruiter insist to hire you even if you are not interested ? Also, the recruiter does not find other skilled as or than you even if you recommend others ? How do you feel when your managers ask you to find IT engineers like you because they tried with no success to find ones ? How do you feel when you are moving fast and people around you in the same field tell you so ? How do you feel to get easily certified then jobs and friends in the field can not do so ? How do you feel when many IT professional ask you to assist them in their certifications journey ? How do you feel that your tools you use to refresh on some topics can help manay others ? What do you do when people ask you for posts link, IT news websites to follow ? How do you feel when smart mechanical/electrical engineers around you ask you to train or coach them in software programming ? How do you feel when non IT professional ask you to help them master the computer or understand better when happening at the OS level ? How do you feel when kids ask you to teach them computer science or coding ? How do you feel, when you see and find some kids that love smartphones/IT gadgets but can not learn to use computer because the parents are not in the IT field or have never used computer ? What can you do when a simple explanation shared with a person can help him solve a problem in the company and then help him be promoted ? Do you know that a simple comment can motivate someone to learn and shape its skills ? What can you do when you know lot of IT professional that dream to share their knowledge with the world but can not find the good place or they are limited at english writing ? What do you do if different groups of IT students ask you to assist them in differents IT fields such as Networking, programming, InfoSec, Linux Systems, Windows Systems, IoT, Mobile Telecommunications ... and you decide to put them on the road ? How do you feel when you have many programming/scripting languages (C# Java C Python Go HTML JS Bash Batch PS VBS VBA SQL NoSQL ...) skills in your toolbox and you can learn easily new more ? How do you feel when you notice that lot of things you have built which are on your computer can help others grow or motivate others ? What do you do with your failures and wrongs decisions during your past learning time ? How do you feel when you share with tens or hundreds of professional and you notice that thousands or millions of persons can benefit ? What can you do when you dream to share like some engineers did on large well-known IT companies engineering blogs ? How to tell IT trainees that what they are learning and doing in the trainee stage could help them in the future ? How to encourage and assist an IT student get interests into mathematics as this discipline is everywhere in our life and and professional carreer ? How do you feel when you know skillset desired by CTO, IT managers and IT companies CEO ? What can you do when you see many experts that don't have time to share on CLI stuffs, Labs scenarios and basics networking concepts which are valuable and mandatory for beginners in the field to scale and learn ? What can you do, when you get the chance to work with CCIEs and many skilled engineers and you want to share with others IT professional some lessons learned from them ?

Tons of questions that this website will try to address in some way. Notice that, each year or month we may have new graduate in Networking field and those persons need to learn, need to discover, need to lab, need advices and more. This is a learning cycle in the IT field. So new contents are required, adaptive contents must be provided and uptodate contents are needed. Internet precisely, the WEB is very useful because there is a continuous content provisionning, by new blogs, new posts, new connected devices ... new expansion. Some key principles are the followings : Web is not a Bible of knowledge, it is a large distributed pieces of knowledge mostly operating independently. Continous learning helps survive in this fast moving IT field. The way we teach can impact the scalabilty of your skills. Having a student mindset is neccessary for always study and then stay uptodate in the IT field. Technology is taking part of all aspects in our daily life. This last opinion is making IT knowledge sharing as one of the best gift. When you are growing into IT knowledge it becomes more difficult to share the fundamentals and the basics whereas begineers always need those kinds of knowledge. Some topics in IT field can be better understood with certains methods. Sometimes, know the starting point of a technology facilitate the understanding and motivate to innovate ... I made a small pause, i decide to stop a little and think how can i help others scale in their skills and knownledge, so i designed this blog from scracth in order to provide a special flexibility in terms of authoring, reviewing, administrating, online services offering and more. A place where i can share with, coach and assist students both in english, in french and maybe in spanish. A place where i can invite people (women, students) in IT industry to share and more. This approach help me control better the future of this webapp and evaluate its scalability since it is growing fastly. Last, it will help me share on this kind of webapp building which is always the nice part. There is more joy to give than receive. Life is also sharing and helping other grow by assist them to scale their skills is wonderful. Simply we need more IT blogs. Everyone in the field has something to add in order to build the future IT.

Now about me. I'm Jerome AMON, a young graduated Telecommunications Engineer from INPHB [Polytechnical Institute in Ivory Coast].During my school path, i received many awards from local and national authorities, also i got many amazing nicknames regarding my skills. I have worked in Service Provider FrontHaul Network ( dealing with 2G-3G optimisation ). I have worked with an IT integrator company as Solutions Consultant where i designed, deployed and supported on large IT projects including Data Center, Service Provider, Voice Over IP, Security projects. Also where i advised many customers and help them achieve their goals. I have also worked with Sales team on many deals that succeeded. Now, i'm dealing with a large network infrastructure. Finally, i'm an IT Coach/Mentor who likes sharing, maths, science and love see others students grow strongly and fastly.

Please, if you need basics Network Tutoring that can help you scale and survive easily in the IT industry, or you want to learn with my Questions-based platform, or you want to play a little with my remote small routing labs, then i invite you to look at the SERVICES tab. If you are an IT company or an organisation that promotes IT education or IT knowledge sharing and you want to advertise on this website, please use the a CONTACT form to reach me. About Training or Tutoring (tailored to your level and needs), notice that sessions can be held remotely and in-person if you are a group of people located in my country. Remember it is a sharing platform first, so don't worry to much about money, there is a flexible plan for everyone. :)

Finally, I highly suggest you to subscribe to receive notifications about new pulic posts, if you are not yet a member [who can receive private and public posts]. In case you need to become a member, please, use the contact form to reach me and further discussion will be engaged. If you want to support by a donate, please use the contact form to reach me for discussing in case the donate button does not work yet. I hope you get now a better view of this website.
Many Thanks,
Jerome AMON, Hybrid Engineer
DevNet & CCNP, Networking ∧ Programming